Manage Your Care 01/21/2010
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Keeping track of the medications you are taking can be a hassle, especially given the amount of prescriptions the typical mesothelioma patient takes. You need to know what medicines you are taking, which doctor prescribed them, what the dosage is and how many pills a day you take. A formal file and notebook organizer can help here. More tips on managing your medications.

Keeping track of your expenses is important. Everyone has different financial resources, insurance coverage, and Medicare eligibility. Many mesothelioma patients can get compensation from the asbestos industry, which can help with medical costs. Whatever the source of your funding, you need to keep track of all bills from hospitals and clinics, bills from drugs stores, and insurance claims and payments. Tips on managing your expenses.

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer, your doctor may not have much experience dealing with it. There is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion from another physician. Here are some ideas on second opinions. You may wish to look at our list of mesothelioma specialists. Note that the type of doctor that specializes in cancer treatment is called oncologists. However, because mesothelioma is so rare, even most oncologists have seen a limited number of cases. Also you may wish to look into the community clinical oncology program, sponsored by the federal government, which offer access to clinical trials to patients at cancer centers around the country.

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