Keep A Smile 01/23/2010
Smiling is one of the best ways to keep a positive outlook in life. Always be prepared to make a change and your smile will stay in tact. Sometimes life is just too much to deal with. Just be clear with yourself that you will only stay if it is truly beneficial to you life. Always appreciate these things and you will never have to live another smile day.
Any problems in your life, face it all with patience and a smile...Smile is better than nothing...
Have a nice Smile All...Enjoyed your day with Smile.

Rub your magic 8 gently

Tips to help prevent breakouts and clear them up as fast as possible:

Wash your face twice a day (no more) with warm water and a mild soap made for people with acne. Gently massage your face with circular motions. Don't scrub. Overwashing and scrubbing can cause skin to become irritated.

Avoid touching your face with your fingers or leaning your face on objects that collect sebum and skin residue like your phone. Touching your face can spread the bacteria that cause pores to become inflamed and irritated. To keep bacteria at bay, wash your hands before applying anything to your face, such as treatment creams or makeup.

Remove your makeup before you go to sleep. When buying makeup, make sure you choose brands that say "non comedogenic" or "non acnegenic" on the label.

Protect your skin from the sun. It may seem like a tan masks acne, but it's only temporary. A tan can cause the body to produce extra sebum, which may worsen your acne, not improve it. Tanning also causes damage to skin that will eventually lead to wrinkles and increase your risk of skin cancer.

Rub your magic 8 gently

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